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filed March 1, 2023 under Combative Sports Act, 2019, S.O. 2019, c. 7, Sched. 9

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ontario regulation 33/23

made under the

Combative Sports Act, 2019

Made: February 23, 2023
Filed: March 1, 2023
Published on e-Laws: March 1, 2023
Printed in The Ontario Gazette: March 18, 2023

Ontario Combative Sport Advisory Council

Composition of Advisory Council

1. (1) The Ontario Combative Sport Advisory Council established under subsection 3 (1) of the Act shall have not more than seven members.

(2) The following provisions apply respecting the terms of members of the Advisory Council:

1.  Each member shall hold office for a term of up to three years at the pleasure of the Lieutenant Governor in Council and may be reappointed for any number of terms of up to three years.

2.  The terms of no more than four members may expire in the same calendar year.


2. (1) All matters that arise for decision at any meeting of the Ontario Combative Sport Advisory Council shall be decided by a majority of votes of members present, including the chair.

(2) In the event of a tie vote, the chair shall cast a second, deciding vote.

Functions of Advisory Council

3. (1) The following are the prescribed duties of the Ontario Combative Sport Advisory Council for the purposes of clause 4 (b) of the Act:

1.  The Advisory Council shall advise the Minister regarding whether rules submitted to the Minister in accordance with a regulation made under subsection 49 (5) of the Act allow for full contact.

2.  The Advisory Council shall perform any other function or provide any other advice necessary to facilitate the Minister’s administration of the Act.

(2) In this section,

“full contact” means the use of purposeful physical force that is intended to result in physical harm to an opponent or which could reasonably be expected to result in physical harm to an opponent.


4. This Regulation comes into force on the later of the day subsection 3 (1) of Schedule 9 (Combative Sports Act, 2019) to the Protecting What Matters Most Act (Budget Measures), 2019 comes into force and the day this Regulation is filed.