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Ammunition Regulation Act, 1994

ontario REGULATION 574/94


Consolidation Period:  From March 8, 2017 to the e-Laws currency date.

Last amendment: 61/17.

Legislative History: 5/11, 61/17.

This is the English version of a bilingual regulation.

1. The following two pieces of identification presented together are acceptable for the purposes of section 2 of the Act:

1. Valid identification, issued as required by subsection 2 (7) of the Act, that has the person’s age or date of birth.

2. A valid permit issued by the chief firearms officer for Ontario that states that the person named in the permit may purchase ammunition without presenting photo identification.  O. Reg. 574/94, s. 1; O. Reg. 5/11, s. 1.

2. (1) The permit described in section 1 shall be issued to every applicant who is at least 18 years old or who holds a valid licence issued to him or her under subsection 8 (2) or (3) of the Firearms Act (Canada) and who submits to the chief firearms officer for Ontario a document,

(a) stating that the applicant objects on religious grounds to having his or her photograph taken; and

(b) signed by a person who is of the same religion as the applicant and who is eligible under subsection 20 (3) or (4) of the Marriage Act to be registered as a person authorized to solemnize marriage.  O. Reg. 574/94, s. 2 (1); O. Reg. 5/11, s. 2 (1).

(2) The document shall be in a form provided or approved by the chief firearms officer for Ontario.  O. Reg. 574/94, s. 2 (2); O. Reg. 5/11, s. 2 (2).