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The natural choice in balancing price, function, beauty, versatility and performance.

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Chaise Transatlantique, a chair by Brothers Dressler in Toronto, Ontario

"Chaise Transatlantique", a chair by Brothers Dressler in Toronto

A wood cathedral style ceiling

Why Ontario Wood?

Learn about the many benefits of Ontario Wood and why it’s the natural choice for price, function, beauty, versatility and performance.

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Types of wood

Learn which type of Ontario Wood is best suited for your building project.

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Producers, distributors and supporters can become a partner and use the official leaf logo to identify or show support for local wood products.

Ontario wood tags on planks of wood

Merchandising material

How distributors can order merchandising (point-of-sale) materials to help customers identify local Ontario Wood products.

Partner profile

Cherrywood Studio, King Township

Steve Meschino and Barb Benoit own and operate Cherrywood Studio in King Township, Ontario. They salvage trees in southern Ontario and turn them into beautiful and unique pieces of furniture for customers across Ontario and North America.

Cherrywood Studio works with local craftspeople for the metal fabrication used in their pieces and is a proud supporter of Ontario Wood.