Outdoors Card

Learn how to get an Outdoors Card to hunt or fish in Ontario.

Fishing licence

How to buy a fishing licence tag after you get your Outdoors Card.

Hunting licence

How to buy a hunting licence tag after you get your Outdoors Card.

Provincial parks and camping

Plan a visit or book a campsite at one of our 300+ provincial parks.

Recreational activities on Crown land

What you need to know about camping and other recreational activities on Ontario’s Crown land.


Sport, recreation and community programs.

Travel information centres

Get help from travel experts when planning your next trip in Ontario.

Tourism in Ontario

Learn more about our festivals, attractions, shopping, dining and accommodations.

Festivals and events*

A list of festivals and events taking place throughout the province. *The Government of Ontario is not responsible for the content on this external website.

Getting a passport

Find out how and where to apply for a Canadian passport, and what to do if your passport is lost, stolen or damaged.

Travel abroad

What to do if you are planning to travel outside Canada.

Booking a trip

How Ontario’s laws protect you when you book a trip with a registered travel agent.

Buying a time share

Learn about your rights before you buy a time share or join a vacation club.

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Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport

Supporting and delivering tourism and cultural experiences, and championing participation in sport and recreation activities across Ontario.

Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

Protecting Ontario’s biodiversity while promoting economic opportunities in the resource sector and supporting outdoor recreation opportunities.