Wildlife and nature

How we manage and protect plants, animals, land, water, forests and other ecosystems.


How to get a fishing licence, Outdoors Card, city fishing, camping on crown land, and eating Ontario fish.

Air quality

Find daily air quality index readings and the Smog Alert Network.


Information about Ontario’s forests, Crown timber resources and the forest sector.


How to get a hunting licence, Outdoors Card, trapping, falconry, and camping on crown land.


Learn about Ontario’s geology, the Ontario Geological Survey and access geoscience applications, maps and data.

Energy and electricity

Electricity price plans

Learn about the different types of electricity price plans you can choose from, including time-of-use and tiered prices.

Manage energy costs for your business

For large to small businesses, manage your energy costs through one of these programs.

Manage energy costs for your home

Learn about programs and credits to reduce your electricity bill.

How to use less electricity at home

Find out how you can reduce your electricity use — and costs — at home.


Drinking water

Ontario regulates drinking water systems to ensure water safety and quality.

Great Lakes and Watersheds

Read more about what actions we take with our partners to protect and restore the Great Lakes.

Industrial projects

Brownfields property redevelopment

Information on cleaning and repurposing former industrial or commercial properties.

Environmental assessments

Learn about the different types of environmental assessments you need to complete before starting an infrastructure or building project.

Environmental permissions

Find out about the different types of environmental permissions you or your business may need and how to apply for each.

Resource recovery and waste management

Waste management

What you need to know about how waste is reduced, recovered and properly managed in Ontario, including our approach to a circular economy.

Hazardous waste management

Rules and guidelines for managing hazardous and liquid industrial wastes, and find out how to report online using the Hazardous Waste Program Registry.

Toxics and pesticides


Information about pesticide licenses, pesticides training, and classification of pesticides.


How we work to keep toxics away from the environment through legislation, education and incentive programs.


Environment maps

Maps that display environmental information about well records, sport fishing, permits to take water and more.

Natural resources maps

Maps that display natural resources information about crown land use, conservation, wildlife management and more.

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Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

Protecting Ontario’s biodiversity while promoting economic opportunities in the resource sector and supporting outdoor recreation opportunities.

Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks

Leading to healthier communities and economic prosperity through protecting Ontario’s air, land and water.

Ministry of Mines

Overseeing Ontario’s mineral sector, providing geoscience information and supporting sustainable development in the Ring of Fire.

Ministry of Energy

Working to develop a safe, reliable and affordable energy supply across the province.