Electricity rates

Electricity price plans

Learn about the different types of electricity price plans you can choose from, including time-of-use and tiered prices.

How to use less electricity at home

Find out how you can reduce your electricity use — and costs — at home.

Energy saving programs

Manage energy costs for your business

For large to small businesses, manage your energy costs through one of these programs.

Lower your energy bills with Green Button

How to track your energy use with your smartphone to save money on your electricity and natural gas bills.

Municipal Energy Plan Program

Funding to help your community improve its energy use.

Manage energy costs for your home

Learn about programs and credits to reduce your electricity bill.

Net metering

How you can lower your electricity bill by generating power with wind, solar or other renewable energy sources.

Northern Energy Advantage Program

How northern industrial electricity consumers can get a rebate to reduce energy costs.

Reporting and open data

Conservation for public agencies

How and why government public agencies report their energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Report energy and water use in large buildings

How to report energy and water use if your building is 50,000 square feet or more.

Open data

Access datasets from the Ministry of Energy on the Open Data catalogue.

Publications and strategies

Ontario Energy Quarterly: electricity, oil and gas reports

Read quarterly snapshots about Ontario’s energy sector.

Low-carbon hydrogen

Our plan to accelerate and sustain Ontario’s leadership in the low-carbon hydrogen economy.

Small modular reactors

Read the strategic plan for the next evolution in nuclear innovation and technology.