As of July 1, 2013, Ontario public agencies must report their annual energy use and greenhouse gas emissions each year by July 1.

To comply, agencies must:

  • fill out a form or Excel template on our Broader Public Sector reporting website to file a report
  • publish the report on both their public website and intranet
  • keep hard copies of the report at their head office

We publish the information that public agencies submitted on the province’s Data Catalogue.

Five-year conservation plan

Starting July 1, 2014, public agencies must also develop five-year energy conservation and demand management plans. These plans must be publicly available on their websites and in hard copy at their head office.

The plans must include:

  • conservation goals and objectives
  • proposed conservation measures
  • cost and savings estimates
  • a description of renewable energy generation facilities, including the amount of energy generated annually

Agencies must update the plans every five years, beginning in 2019.

Agencies that must comply

Over 700 public agencies have to develop a plan and file a report, including:

  • municipalities and municipal service boards
  • universities and colleges
  • school boards
  • hospitals


Energy reporting and conservation planning will help public agencies:

  • better manage their energy use and costs
  • identify best practices and energy-saving opportunities
  • find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • evaluate results by comparing similar facilities across the province
  • provide a benchmark to set goals
  • measure improvement over time


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