Personalized licence plate

How to order a personalized licence plate for your vehicle.

A personalized licence plate message may contain almost any combination of letters and numbers. 

You can also choose to include graphics such as the loon, a trillium, or a logo in support of your favourite Ontario professional sports team, community organization or university.

There are over 60 graphics available to choose from.

To order a personalized licence plate you will need:

Order a personalized licence plate

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For passenger or commercial vehicles

  • 2 to 8 characters (letters and/or numbers) without a graphic - $310
  • 2 to 6 characters (letters and/or numbers) with a graphic - $336.40

For motorcycles

  • 2 to 5 characters (letters and/or numbers) without a graphic — $310


VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Interac® Online


4 weeks by mail

Read about our service guarantee.

Online completion time

Average 10 minutes


Any outstanding fines, non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees, and Highway 407 tolls related to your licence plate will be added to your online transaction total.

Personalized licence plates cannot be registered to limited speed motorcycles.

Notice:  Beginning January 1, 2015, some fees have changed for driver and vehicle services. Learn more about which fees have changed and which fees will be changing.


What you need to know

You can buy a personalized licence plate online for your vehicle or for someone else if you have a driver’s licence number or registrant identification number.

If you don’t have a driver’s licence number or registrant identification number (RIN), you can visit a ServiceOntario centre or call 1-800-AUTO-PL8 (1-800-288-6758) to order a personalized licence plate or to convert a regular licence plate to a personalized licence plate.

Transfers and gift certificates

A personalized licence plate can be transferred only once to anyone before it is attached to a vehicle.

You can purchase a gift certificate for a personalised licence plate at a ServiceOntario centre. Gift certificates are not available for sample plates or replacement licence plates.

Visit a ServiceOntario centre

Service guarantee

Personalized licence plates ordered online will be mailed to the address you provide. For delivery within Ontario, if the licence plate does not arrive by mail within 4 weeks, you will be refunded a portion of the cost up to the value of $100.

Terms and conditions

Service guarantee refund form

If you received a wrong order or made a mistake in ordering a personalized licence plate online, call 1-800-AUTO-PL8 (1-800-288-6758) for assistance.

Veteran licence plates

Passenger and commercial veteran graphic plates displaying a red poppy and the word "veteran" are available to eligible veterans.

These can be ordered as a regular licence plate, personalized licence plates with graphic (original or reorder) or an amateur radio plate.

Veteran graphic plates are also available for motorcycles but are available as regular plates only (personalized and amateur radio options are not available for motorcycles).

Sample veteran plates also are available, but limited to 2 plates for each eligible veteran. Sample motorcycle plates are not available.

Application for veteran plate eligibility certification (PDF)

Application for veteran plate eligibility certification (HTML)

Related services

Sample plates are also available as decorative items and for plate collectors. They cannot be legally attached to a vehicle.

Visit a ServiceOntario centre for the following services:

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Order a sample licence plate 

$16.95 (out of Canada request $15.00, HST not required)

Order a sample licence plate with a graphic


Convert a regular licence plate to a personalized licence plate


Add a graphic to a personalized licence plate


Replace a personalized plate


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Updated: January 23, 2015