How do I transfer ownership of a vehicle from a family member?

You can transfer ownership without paying the retail sales tax when receiving a vehicle from a:

  • spouse
  • parent or step-parent
  • grandparent or step-grandparent
  • son or step-son
  • daughter or step-daughter
  • grandson or step-grandson
  • granddaughter or step-granddaughter
  • son-in-law
  • daughter-in-law
  • father-in-law
  • mother-in-law
  • sibling
  • half siblings (siblings with a common parent)
  • adopted siblings (siblings with a common parent through adoption), or
  • siblings-in-law (siblings of a spouse or spouse of a sibling)

You will need to bring the following documents to a ServiceOntario centre:

Only one exempt transfer of the same vehicle, between family members, is allowed within a 12-month period.

Visit a ServiceOntario centre.

Updated: February 27, 2015