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Ontario open data

Ontario + open data - we like the sound of that. We’re hoping to unleash a new generation of winning ideas, services and applications. 

Open data catalogue

Thank you for your help developing Ontario’s Open Data Directive

We reviewed all comments and are using them to finalize the Open Data Directive, which is expected to be released later this year. Learn more about the consultation.


Opening up government data

Thank you for voting! We asked you to tell us what data you wanted us to make public. We’ve received your votes and are working on opening up the data you want, including the Top 25 datasets you voted on.

Voting is now closed, but you can still send us your questions or comments, or talk to @ONGov on Twitter using the #openON hashtag.

Most voted on datasets
1 Public Sector Salary Disclosure Open
2 Ministry Program Budgets and Expenditures In progress
3 Government of Ontario Staff Directory In progress
4 Government of Ontario workforce facts In progress
5 Vehicle Statistics In progress
6 Driver Statistics In progress
7 Average car travel speeds Open
8 Ontario provincial highway traffic statistics In progress
9 Healthy Babies Healthy Children Program In progress
10 Traffic Volume on Provincial Highways Open
11 Freedom of Information Statistics In progress
12 Digital Cartographic Reference Base In progress
13 All Ontario procurement awards In progress
14 Traffic (cordon) counts In progress
15 Transportation Tomorrow survey data In progress
16 Condition of Ontario Provincial Bridges Open
17 Source data that supports the Ontario Road Safety Annual Report In progress
18 Index of aerial photography and photogramettic mapping In progress
19 Commercial vehicle operator data In progress
20 Ontario highway linear referencing and composite listing In progress
21 Source data from the 2006 Commercial Vehicle Survey: traffic volumes Open
22 Source data from the 2006 Commercial Vehicle Survey: origin and destination Open
23 Source data from the Ministry of Transportation Pocket Guide to Transportation: A Statistical Reference In progress
24 Ontario consulting contracts, organized by ministry In progress
25 Pavement distress data and pavement condition index In progress

A number of necessary steps are required before information can be converted into open and machine-readable data. This processs can take several months to a year, depending on the volume and complexity of the information that is being converted.