Law and safety



Official copies of Ontario statutes and regulations, plus regularly updated new source law.

Family law

Divorce and separation, child custody and protection, family courts and mediation services.

Legal Aid

Access a range of legal services for low-income individuals.

Justice Ontario

Answers to your questions about Ontario’s legal system – including how to find a lawyer, fight a ticket, settle a will and more.

Courts and jury duty

Find a courthouse, learn more about jury duty, go to small claims court and get information on court services in Ontario.


Emergency services

How to prepare for an emergency, sign up for public alerts and get information in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency affecting Ontario.

Ontario Provincial Police

All about the OPP: from crime prevention and traffic safety to investigations and specialized response teams.

Correctional services

Learn about correctional institutions and jails for adults, the Ontario Parole Board and the work of probation officers.

Centre of Forensic Sciences

About the centre that oversees and conducts scientific investigations in cases involving injury or death in unusual circumstances and in crimes against persons or property.

Victim Services

Services and supports for victims of crime and their families, including counselling and financial assistance.