Law and safety

Ontario's laws and related information about our legal system, emergency services, the Ontario Provincial Police and victim services.


Official copies of Ontario statutes and regulations.

Justice Ontario

How to find a lawyer, fight a ticket, settle a will and more.

Public safety

Emergency preparedness

How to prepare for an emergency, sign up for public alerts and get information in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency.

Ontario Provincial Police

Information about the OPP, including crime prevention, traffic safety, investigations and specialized response teams.

Office of the Fire Marshal

The office responsible for training firefighters, fire prevention and fire protection services.

Private investigators and security guards

Licensing information for security guards, private investigators and businesses who employ in-house security staff.

Courts and jails


How to find a courthouse, go to small claims court and get information on court services in Ontario.

Family law

Learn about the laws that may affect you if you separate from your spouse. Includes information on child care, child support and property division.

Jury duty

Find out more about the jury duty process, including what to do if you receive a Jury Questionnaire in the mail.

Correctional services

Learn about correctional institutions and jails for adults, the Ontario Parole Board and probation officers.

Find a lawyer

How to find a lawyer or paralegal and what to do if you can't afford one.

Your rights and the law

Child custody and protection

Information about child custody, children's aid societies and child protection.

Legal Aid

Access a range of legal services for low-income individuals.

Human rights

Learn about how Ontario's Human Rights Code protects you against discrimination in your everyday life.


Services and supports for victims of crime and their families, including counselling and financial assistance.

Consumer rights

Information about fraud and consumer protection.

Ministry of the Attorney General

Works to create a modern, sustainable and responsive justice system to inspire public confidence and upholds the rules of the law.

Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services

Oversees the province's correctional and detention system, the Ontario Provincial Police and public safety.