Engagement is taking place with:

  • the community-based services sector
  • Indigenous partners
  • the child welfare sector
  • the residential sector
  • children, youth and families

There is a particular focus on Indigenous, Black, racialized and LGBT2SQ communities as they are overrepresented in the child welfare system and experience disproportionate outcomes. Discussion on eliminating such barriers and making services more inclusive and culturally appropriate for all children, youth and families is key. This wide-reaching level of engagement is a key component in redesigning child and family services in Ontario.

As work progresses within each of the strategic pillars, engagement with these various groups will ensure that policies and initiatives are responsive to the needs of children, youth and families within their communities.

Opportunities to have your say and provide input will be identified and shared as they become available.

Learn more about the progress so far in transforming Ontario’s child welfare system.