A variety of key terms common in road crash datasets are used to describe the crash data in this report. Definitions for each of the terms are provided below to aid with data interpretation.

A person who operates a vehicle that requires a certain class of licence to operate that vehicle such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.
Fatal collision
A collision between a motor vehicle and another vehicle, or road user, in which at least one involved person sustained an injury that resulted in death within 30 days of the collision.
Fatality or death
Death of a person resulting from the injuries sustained within 30-days of the fatal collision. There can be more than one fatality in a fatal collision.
Major injury
An injury sustained by a person involved in a collision that resulted in the injured person being transported to and admitted to the hospital.
Reportable collision
A collision in which damage to the vehicles involved exceeded $2,000 or one in which an injury occurred.
A person who operates a vehicle not requiring a licence to operate such as a bicycle or e-Bike.
Vulnerable road user
A person using one of several alternative modes of transport which lack the outer protective shell of a vehicle such as pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists, e-bike riders, and others.