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Survey: Ontario data catalogue

Let us know your thoughts on our data. Your feedback will help us improve the way we organize and present open data in the future.

This survey will take about two to three minutes to complete.

We are going to release the responses we get as open data and make them anonymous so no one can be identified.

Your privacy is important to us. Do not include personal information that could identify you or another person, such as:

  • a name
  • address
  • phone number

If you choose to provide personal information, it will be handled according to our Privacy Statement. You can email us if you have questions.

Did you find the data you were looking for?
We want to know how satisfied you are with the data you found. How much do you agree or disagree with these statements?
strongly disagreedisagreeagreestrongly agreenot applicable
The data is free of errors
The data is current
The data is complete
The data is at the right geography
I can open and use the file
The data is easy to find
I have the resources I need to understand the data
Overall, I'm satisfied with the data
How will you use this data? Select all that apply. This data will help or has helped me:
We want to learn more about the communities using open data in Ontario. What statement best describes you? Select all that apply.
How would you describe your community? Check all that apply.
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