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Issue date: March 16, 2022
Legislation: Registry Act

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1. Background

Applications to the Examiner of Surveys to correct plans will be approved only when the error, defect, or omission affects the integrity of the land registration records. Prior to submitting a plan correction, clients should consult with an Assistant Examiner of Surveys (AES) to determine if a plan correction is appropriate, or if other options are available.

Subsection 49(6), O.Reg. 43/96, under the Registry Act, provides that the Order issued by the Examiner of Surveys to correct a plan, may provide for the correction of the plan by the applicant under the supervision of the Examiner of Surveys or a Land Registrar.

2. Application to Correct a plan

Plan corrections must be completed using the form ‘Application to Correct a Plan’ which is found on the Ontario Government website under Registry Act Forms. The Application must include the particulars of the correction(s) required. The Application and the required supporting information must be prepared for printing on legal-sized paper and include non-reduced partial copies of the plan showing the proposed corrections.

The information to be corrected should be crossed out and the correct information shown, with the area being corrected circled to assist in locating the information to be corrected. Other supporting documentation may be required and can be included as an attachment to the application. The active parcels (PINs) affected by the plan to be corrected are to be noted in the application.

Where required and/or requested by the AES, the consents of all persons with an interest in the land, who may be affected by the proposed correction shall be included with the application, or the client may provide a statement that consent has been obtained.

If the application involves a plan signed by the Surveyor General of Ontario, consent from the Office of the Surveyor General Surveyor shall be included with the application or the Surveyor can provide a statement that consent has been obtained.

A PDF copy of the completed and signed application, including attachments and all supporting documentation is to be submitted by e-mail to the AES for pre-approval.

The final approved application is submitted as a signed paper document in digital format through Teraview (for Teraview® licensees with registration access) or OnLand (for non Teraview® users) along with the name of the AES who approved it and the file number provided by the AES included as a note in additional information section. Document submission information can be found on or on A Paper Registrations Submission Procedures Guidelines document is also available on both Teraview and OnLand to assist clients with document submission.

For a plan deposited or registered in the land titles system, the Teraview or OnLand application type used is ‘Application (General) (No PIN Land Titles)’. For a plan placed in the registry system use the ‘Document (General) (No PIN Registry). Payment in accordance with the Fees Schedule will be collected through Teraview or OnLand.

3. Corrected Plan

Clients will be notified once the Order of the Examiner of Surveys has been registered, and they will be provided with the registration number, date of registration, and the name of the person who will certify the correction. This information is to be included in the Certificate of Correction which is placed on the corrected plan by the client. This form is available on the Ontario Government website under Registry Act Forms.

Whether the plan was deposited or registered electronically or exists as a physical copy, the corrections set out in the application are to be made to the digital version of the official copy. Arrangements for obtaining a digital copy of the official plan image can be made through an AES.

The corrected plan is to be sent to the AES who will confirm the correction complies with the order. The incorrect plan will be removed from the Electronic Land Registration system and the corrected plan uploaded as a replacement.

Original signed by

Ken Wilkinson O.L.S.
Examiner of Surveys