Aggregate Supply and Demand study

To better plan and manage aggregate resources (eg. sand, gravel, clay, earth and bedrock), the Supply and Demand study of Aggregate Resources Supplying the Greater Golden Horseshoe (2016) collects and documents current science, new data and information on the resource.

This study also builds on the information in the State of the Aggregate Resource Study in Ontario (SAROS) reports (2010).

You can read the executive summary of the report (PDF).

If you'd like a full copy of the report, contact us.

Aggregate Resource study (2010)

Consolidated report

The State of the Aggregate Resource in Ontario: consolidated report (PDF) summarizes information from 6 papers that make up the State of the Aggregate Resource in Ontario study.

You can find detailed information in the consolidated report.

Complete studies

Advisory Committee Recommendations report

You can find the recommendations made by a committee of stakeholder representatives in the Aggregate Resource Advisory Committee recommendations (PDF) report.


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