The Best Management Practices (BMP) series is an award-winning series of innovative publications:

  • presenting affordable options for protecting soil and water resources on the farm
  • supporting individual farm planning and decision-making in the short and long term
  • harmonizing productivity, business objectives and the environment
  • available in both English and French

Each book presents a range of circumstances and options to address a particular environmental concern. Use the information to assess what’s appropriate for your property.

Every BMP publication will help you:

  • understand an environmental issue in context of your operation or property
  • see options for addressing an issue that work with your circumstances
  • plan and put farm-proven, environmentally responsible management practices into action
  • increase efficiencies in resource use and production
  • improve property now and for future generations
  • demonstrate stewardship to neighbours
  • create long-term plans and sharpen day-to-day decision-making
  • enrich natural areas

BMP publications range from infosheets to in-depth booklets. For each topic you’ll learn more about the roots of a problem, such as cropland erosion, and find a range of BMP options from which to choose the right solutions for your property and goals.

All the BMP resources are found in the virtual library of Best Management Practices books, booklets and infosheets.

Best Management Practices books

Soil health infosheets

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