How to request a publication

To request a science publication issued by the ministry or if you have a question related to our scientific and technical publications, please contact us by email with the title of the publication. For journal articles, please contact the journal publisher directly.

Spotlight on new publications


Title: Watercraft decontamination practices reduce the viability of aquatic invasive species implicated in overland transport

Summary: Assessment of effectiveness of boat cleaning methods for controlling aquatic invasive species movement.

Authors: Mohit, S., T.B. Johnson and S.E. Arnott

Series/Journal: Scientific Reports


Title: Vulnerability assessment of peatland complexes in the Hudson Plains (Ontario, Canada) to permafrost-thaw-induced landcover and hydrological change using a multiscale approach

Summary: Documents method to assess vulnerability of Far North peatlands to climate change and findings from long-term data.

Authors: Mack, M., W. Quinton, J. McLaughlin and C. Hopkinson

Series/Journal: Ecohydrology

Natural heritage

Title: Tracing eastern wolf origins from whole-genome data in context of extensive hybridization

Summary: Presents data describing eastern wolves as a distinct entity that evolved separately from grey wolves.

Authors: Vilaça, S.T., M.E. Donaldson, A. Benazzo, T.J. Wheeldon, M.T. Vizzari, G. Bertorelle, B.R. Patterson and C.J. Kyle

Series/Journal: Molecular Biology and Evolution


Title: Behavioral responses of terrestrial mammals to COVID-19 lockdowns

Summary: Describes how human activities affect animal movement and what happens when those activities are reduced/stop.

Authors: Tucker and others (including A. McLaren and B. Patterson)

Series/Journal: Science

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This catalogue is designed for users of natural resources scientific and technical information, such as researchers with universities and other governments, foresters and biologists, and conservation authority staff. It provides a complete list of Ontario’s scientific and technical publications on natural resources and forestry issued since 2004, including:

  • Scientific and technical publications commissioned by the Province
  • Journal articles written by ministry staff

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