The law

In general, for reptiles and amphibians that are native to Ontario, you need approval before you can:

  • take (collect) them from the wild
  • buy or sell them
  • release them into the wild

If you have approval to take or collect them, you can keep or breed the animals, without a licence.

Source law

This is a summary of the provincial laws. You can find a complete set of rules related to this activity in:

  • Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, 1997
  • Ontario Regulation 668/98 (wildlife in captivity)
  • Endangered Species Act, 2007

Species at risk

Special restrictions apply for endangered or threatened species. You can only keep a protected species under very limited circumstances (e.g., for scientific and education purposes).

Protected species are listed on Ontario’s Species at Risk List. Please contact a local ministry office for more information about the rules.

Species at risk in Ontario list

Find an ministry district office

How to get approval

Please contact your local ministry district office for more information on activities related to reptiles and amphibians.