A lot goes into running a small business and making it successful. Taxes, payroll costs, red tape and the need to recruit and retain skilled employees can present challenges for small businesses.

Our goal is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs thrive. We are consulting with small businesses and organizations that work with them to better identify business’ needs and help them reach their goals so they can be successful in the years to come.

About the consultations

Small businesses are essential to Ontario’s economy. We want to better understand the issues affecting small businesses and entrepreneurs so we can take steps to help them succeed and grow. To do this, we’re conducting consultations online and in person.

The goals of the consultations are to:

  • hear from Ontarians regarding the challenges small businesses and entrepreneurs are facing
  • learn what red tape is preventing small businesses and entrepreneurs from succeeding
  • determine what actions the government could take to help small business development

Feedback from the consultations will shape the development of Ontario’s small business success strategy.

We will report back on what we heard later this year.

How to participate

The consultations are a way for you to directly tell us what matters most to you as a business owner, and what steps the government can take to help your business succeed.

The closing date was September 1, 2020.

Your privacy matters

Your personal information is being collected in order to help us understand the challenges and opportunities facing small businesses. Your responses will be reviewed by the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade.

This feedback will help us develop a Small Business Success Strategy. Your feedback may also be used in a summary report about this survey.

Some of the non-identifying information shared may be used by the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, and their service providers to measure website analytics, performance and to improve our services.

Your information will not be placed on mailing lists or released to any third party, except as may be authorized by law. For questions on how personal information collected on this page will be used, please see our Privacy Statement.