(formerly referenced by 07-03)

Last Revision Date:
July 1995

A. Ministry documents:

  1. Guideline D-2, "Compatibility Between Sewage Treatment Facilities and Sensitive Land Use"
  2. Guideline D-4, "Land Use On or Near Landfills and Dumps"
  3. Guideline D-6, "Compatibility Between Industrial Facilities and Sensitive Land Uses"
  4. Draft "Integrating MOEE Objectives into Municipal Official Plans" (January, 1993)
  5. Publication LU-131, "Noise Assessment Criteria in Land Use Planning"
  6. Policy No. PC-0005, "Policy to Govern the Spray Irrigation of Treated Sewage on to Recreational Lands" (June 1, 1980)

B. Other agencies' documents:

  1. Agricultural Code of Practice (OMAF, MOEE, MOH)
  2. Guidelines on Noise and New Residential Development Adjacent to Freeways (Ministry of Housing, April 1979)
  3. Land Use Policy Near Airports (Ministry of Housing, March 1987)
  4. Aggregate Resources Act and Final Report of the Interministerial Committee on Pits and Quarries (MMA/MOEE/MNR, September, 1983)footnote *
  5. Provincial Flood Plains Planning Policy (MNR, 1988)