About the strategy

Ontario’s Digital and Data Strategy will:

Public consultation timeline

Phase 1: Initiate

Public consultations began online.

Completed March 2019

Phase 2: Propose

Roundtables were held in person across Ontario and online.

Completed November 2019

Phase 3: Refine

An online survey and additional consultations open to help refine and finalize the strategy.

Survey closed January 2021

In 2019 we launched consultations with people, organizations, businesses, municipalities and Task Force experts from across Ontario to learn about the digital and data issues that matter most to you. Phase 1 and Phase 2 of these public consultations have helped us identify the main focus areas of our strategy.

In 2020, our rapid response to the COVID‑19 pandemic also shaped our approach to the strategy: It reinforced that digital and data innovation, privacy, and security are essential to Ontario’s future.

During Phase 3 of our public consultation we asked some specific questions to refine the strategy to make sure it meets the needs of Ontarians.

What we’ve heard and how we’re taking action

Here’s a summary of what you’ve told us in Phase 1 and Phase 2 of our public consultations, and how we’ve started to take action through the Ontario Onwards Action Plan and other key projects. Your feedback in Phase 3, our final phase of consultations, will help us shape our next steps.

Ontarians want more information about data rights and risks.

You’ve asked for more resources to help you stay safe online and understand laws about data.

How we’re taking action: We’ve launched Ontario's Cyber Security Centre of Excellence, which will develop cutting-edge solutions and resources to tackle cyber threats.

Ontarians want to know their personal data is secure.

We heard that you want to understand more about how your personal data is used and shared by businesses.

Data privacy and protection should be a competitive advantage for Ontario businesses.

Small, medium, and large companies told us that keeping customers’ data safe should be a benefit, not a burden.

How we’re taking action: From August to October, 2020, we held in-depth virtual consultations with Ontarians to learn how we can improve our province’s privacy protection laws.

Small businesses and rural communities are losing out in the data economy.

The people of Ontario are looking for reliable broadband at affordable prices. They also want to learn new skills to succeed in online work, school, and community life. You’ve told us that you’re looking to government as a trusted leader in providing more digital and data training, information, and tools.

How we’re taking action: Ontario is investing close to $1 billion over six years to improve and expand broadband and cellular access across the province.

The government should manage and share data more effectively.

You’ve told us that the government needs to improve the way it manages and shares data with the public. You’ve also told us that the government should be sharing more data, if information is kept safe.

How we’re taking action: We’re sharing real-time data about our COVID‑19 response with Ontarians, so you can always see the latest updates.

We’ve launched the Ontario Health Data Platform to give researchers better access to secure, privacy-protected health data so they can help Ontario respond to COVID‑19.