E-zone is home to resources that support environmental education in grade 1 - 6 classrooms. It also provides teachers with hands-on, ready-to-use classroom tools.


These posters make great year-round decoration for your earth-friendly classroom. You can also use them as teaching tools during themed units.

These can help teach children about:

  • air quality and smog
  • the environment
  • keeping our water healthy
  • how to save energy
  • the life of a plastic fork
  • energy use at home
  • water use at home
  • threats to polar bears
  • eric tries to go skating
  • sources of air pollution
  • recycling clothing
  • energy conservation
  • the water cycle and water treatment
  • Asian carp (enviroween)
  • algae blooms (enviroween)
  • spiny waterflea (enviroween)
  • smog (enviroween)
  • plastic water bottles (enviroween)
  • landfills(enviroween)
  • safe medicine disposal(enviroween)
  • pesticides (enviroween)
  • car exhaust (enviroween)

Colouring pages

Your students will learn fun facts as they colour these scenes featuring the Enviro-Heroes: Maya, Jay, Katie and Eric.

Use these colouring pages to teach children about:

  • longhorn beetles
  • water conservation
  • smog
  • greenhouse gases
  • disappearing polar bear habitats
  • recycling
  • energy use at home
  • energy conservation and electronics
  • clean drinking water
  • recycled paper
  • landfills

Activity sheets

Keep young minds engaged and focused on the environment with these E-Zone activity sheets.

These can help teach children about:

  • Earth Day
  • fresh water
  • air quality
  • energy conservation