Economic cooperation memorandum of understanding between the Province of Ontario and the State of Nevada.


The State of Nevada (hereinafter “Nevada”) and the Province of Ontario (hereinafter “Ontario”), collectively referred to as the “participants,” in recognition of an important trade and investment relationship and mutual interest to build upon existing partnerships; and

The participants recognize:

  • the continued need for a strong economic relationship between Canada and the United States, including between sub-national trading partners within federal focus areas, such as critical minerals and clean energy projects;
  • the advantages to be derived from the strengthening and broadening of mutually beneficial trade and investment relations between Ontario and Nevada based on historic trade and investment in the mining sector;
  • the value of close consultations and cooperation between Ontario and Nevada and the need to ensure open lines of communication and share publicly available information;
  • the importance of working together with the participants’ respective federal governments on matters of trade and investment significance; and
  • that the participants share a strong interest in expanding their existing economic partnership and building on the shared potential of emerging export opportunities within North America and across the globe.


In the spirit of promoting closer relationships and in agreement with applicable laws, the participants express in this memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) their intention to cooperate in the following areas.

Section 1. Promotion and facilitation of bilateral trade and investment:

In line with the principle of mutual benefit, the participants affirm their shared intention to:

Section 2. Promotion of the ongoing relationship

Section 3. Final provisions


Signed on the 27th Day of September 2023

Joe Lombardo, Governor, State of Nevada

Doug Ford, Premier, Province of Ontario