The Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Advancement Partnership brings together the automotive sector, environmental advocacy organizations and academic leaders to work alongside government to advance electric and hydrogen-powered vehicle technology and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


This voluntary partnership will help the province reach its goal — that five per cent of new passenger vehicles sold or leased in Ontario be electric or hydrogen-powered in 2020.

By working together, partners will have an opportunity to play a leading role in helping Ontario’s transportation sector move towards a low-carbon future.

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Automobile manufacturers must join the partnership to be eligible to offer rebates for the purchase or lease of electric vehicles through the Ontario Electric Vehicle Incentive Program (EVIP).


Any organization can apply to become a member.

There are four membership categories. They are:

  1. Vehicle Manufacturer members
  2. Vehicle Dealership members
  3. Organizational members:  advocacy groups, academia and others
  4. Government members

Details on criteria and responsibilities for each membership category are being finalized. Email us for more information.