This tool allows you to find:

  • all licenced/permitted pits and quarries in Ontario and their location
  • licensee or permittee name and address
  • approval type (e.g., licence or permit)
  • size of licenced or permitted area
  • operation type (e.g., pit or quarry)
  • maximum annual tonnage limit
  • the NDMNRF district responsible for the area

You can also:

  • conduct advanced searches (e.g., number of sites in a municipality or near a point of interest)
  • export information into tables and reports
  • print a map
  • upload external data to a map
  • add custom notes and diagrams
  • measure areas and distances

Please note that the licences and permits shown in this map are authorized under the Aggregate Resources Act. These sites may not be actively extracting aggregate if there is no market demand for the type of aggregate being produced (e.g., to supply local infrastructure projects).

Sand, gravel and bedrock (i.e., aggregate) is found only where there are naturally occurring deposits and the quality and type varies considerably depending on the geology of the area. Some areas of the Province have large quantities of aggregate, while other areas have very little.

To identify any errors or issues with Pits and Quarries online, or if you need any of the information in an alternate format, please contact the Natural Resource Information and Support Centre.

For information on rules and compliance regarding a specific site, contact your local ministry district office.

Find an NDMNRF district office

Additional information

Search Pits and Quarries Online to obtain the name of a licensee or permittee. Contact the pit or quarry operator directly.

For information on rules and compliance of a specific site, contact your local ministry district office.

Pits and Quarries Online shows all of the licences, aggregate permits and wayside permits under the Aggregate Resources Act.

A pit or quarry may not appear if:

  • the site is on private land in a part of Ontario not regulated under the Aggregate Resources Act
  • there is a delay in updating the map to reflect a pit or quarry that has been recently issued an approval

If a pit or quarry does not follow the rules, you should contact either: