Wildlife control in Ontario

The ministry:

  • provides advice on managing human-wildlife conflicts
  • does not provide direct assistance in dealing with wildlife on your property

If you cannot deal with it on your own, you can use an agent.


Agents are:

  • licensed trappers or hunters
  • members of a landowner’s immediate family acting on behalf of the landowner
  • a person whose business is primarily removing problem wildlife
  • municipal employees with specific responsibilities for wildlife control (for example, Animal Services)

You do not need a licence to be a wildlife control agent. You need a licence only if you use:

  • body-gripping traps
  • firearms
  • pesticides

Checklist for hiring a wildlife control agent

What to do first

  • determine the service you require
  • understand what you/the agent can legally do

Finding an agent

  • ask friends, family or neighbours for recommendations
  • check local Yellow Pages, check online (search Animal Control or Pest Control Services) or speak with your ministry district office
  • set up a building inspection
  • ask a lot of questions to get to know the agent and the type of services they provide
  • verify that the agent maintains appropriate insurance coverage
  • obtain various estimates; they should include a detailed description of the work to be done
  • ask for references from past customers