Please note that this program is no longer available.

How it works

Under the Jobs and Prosperity Fund, the Food and Beverage Growth Fund provides funding for food, beverage and bioproduct projects. These projects:

  • help create and retain jobs
  • strengthen supply chains
  • enhance innovation and productivity
  • increase market access

Who is eligible

This fund is available for food and beverage processing, and bioproduct projects across the province with more than $5 million in eligible costs.


Depending on how well your project matches the program objectives, you could receive a grant of up to 20%, a loan of up to 40%, or a combination of grants and loans up to 40% of eligible project costs.

Selection process

To be selected for funding, projects must:

  • have access to sufficient funding
  • meet financial and technical due diligence
  • align with the Jobs and Prosperity Fund’s objectives, which are to:
    • enhance productivity
    • increase innovation
    • create greater market access for Ontario firms

Meeting the requirements does not guarantee your organization will receive funding.