Feeder Cattle Loan Guarantee Program

The Feeder Cattle Loan Guarantee Program (FCLGP) supports beef cattle farmers by facilitating access to competitive, short-term, low-interest borrowing through Feeder Cattle Co-operatives. These Feeder Cattle Co-operatives are located throughout the province; where qualifying members can borrow up to $500,000 for the purpose of obtaining feeder cattle.

Co-operative allocations

The Ministry allocates portions of the available government loan guarantee to individual Co-operatives as needed. The following chart shows the allocation limit for each participating Co-operative and these limits would be subject to a corresponding lending agreement between each Co-operative and their financial institution.

Feeder Finance Co-operativeAllocated Loan Limit
Algoma Feeder Finance Co-operative Inc.$3M
Bruce Feeder Finance Co-operative Inc.$29.5M
Central Cattle Feeders Co-operative Limited$12.5M
East Central Feeder Co-operative Ltd.$13M
Eastern Ontario Feeder Cattle Co-operative Inc.$8M
Golden Horseshoe Feeder Co-operative Inc.$73.3M
High Point Feeder Cattle Co-operative Inc.$12.9M
Huron-Perth Cattle Feeders Co-operative Ltd.$30M
Lambton Feeder Finance Co-operative Ltd.$19.2M
Northern Claybelt Feeder Co-operative Ltd.$4M
Queen's Bush Feeder Finance Co-operative Inc.$19.7M
Rainy River Feeder Finance Limited$1M
Twin County Feeder Finance Co-operative Inc.$31.5M
Two Valleys Feeder Finance Co-operative Inc.$2.4M

Program guidelines

Additional program delivery details are communicated to participants through Program guidelines. The latest FCLGP Program guidelines are available here.

Program applications and enquiries

To inquire about specific details or make an application for membership, contact the Administrator of your local Co-operative. Details are available here.

For additional enquiries contact:

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