The Low Carbon Innovation Fund is a fund to help researchers, entrepreneurs and companies create and commercialize new, globally competitive, low-carbon technologies that will help Ontario meet its GHG emissions reductions targets. The Low Carbon Innovation Fund is part of Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan and is funded by proceeds from the province’s carbon market.

The types of projects we will consider include:

  • first time application of a GHG reduction technology that addresses a specific need
  • the use of a proven technology application that has been successful in a different sector/industry, but is unproven in the proposed application
  • projects demonstrating a significant improvement or enhancement to an existing GHG reduction technology solution
  • technology validation (e.g. proof-of-concept and prototype development).

Successful Applicants

Technology Validation Stream

PowerCone Wind Turbine Technology
Approved LCIF Funding: $1,809,801

Power Efficient Data Centres
Ranovus Inc.
Approved LCIF Funding: $4,000,000

Jewelbox Development
Morgan Solar Inc.
Approved LCIF Funding: $ 3,000,000

Perovskite Photovoltaics
University of Waterloo
Approved LCIF Funding: $900,000

Phycus Biotechnologies Inc.
Approved LCIF Funding: $375,000

Electric Converter Dolly
Electrans Technologies Ltd.
Approved LCIF Funding: $1,000,000

G2F: Greenhouse Gases to Fuel
University of Toronto
Approved LCIF Funding: $990,495

Innovative Carbon-Sequestering Fertilizers
University of Guelph
Approved LCIF Funding: $255,369

Seed-Borne Agricultural Crop Technology for GHG Reduction
University of Ottawa
Approved LCIF Funding: $750,000

Lithium-ion Battery Materials
Springpower International Inc.
Approved LCIF Funding: $753,984

Borealis Wind - De-icing System
Borealis Wind
Approved LCIF Funding: $500,000

GBatteries Energy Canada Inc.
Approved LCIF Funding: $900,000

Technology Demonstration Stream

High Density Charging
Approved LCIF Funding: $2,000,000

High Rate Two-stage Anaerobic Digestion Technology Greenfield Global
Approved LCIF Funding: $2,000,000

Char Technologies
Approved LCIF Funding: $1,062,385

Accelerating Customer Sited Energy Storage
Peak Power Energy
Approved LCIF Funding: $1,904,500

Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Management
Approved LCIF Funding: $350,000

Lipid to Hydrocarbon Demonstration Project
FORGE Sombra
Approved LCIF Funding: $2,000,000

Thermal Cooling with Energy Storage
Approved LCIF Funding: $430,000

Back Contact Solar-Photovoltaic Modules
Silfab Solar
Approved LCIF Funding: $2,000,000

Low Carbon Waste-Water Treatment
Trojan Technologies
Approved LCIF Funding: $875,000

Smart Fuel Switching Furnace
iGen Technologies
Approved LCIF Funding: $285,000

Converting Organics (Waste) to Energy Onsite in an Urban Environment
CCI BioEnergy Inc.
Approved LCIF Funding: $700,000

Funding streams

The 2017–18 fund has two funding streams:

  1. The Technology Validation stream will provide up to 75% of a project’s expenses to eligible Ontario companies (per project), and up to 95% to eligible academic organizations (per project) to fund proof-of-concept and prototyping projects. The maximum contribution from the Province is $5 million. The Applicant and/or its partners must provide the remainder of the funding. This stream is closed.
  2. The Technology Demonstration stream will give up to 50%, or a maximum of $2 million, to support the development and commercialization of innovative low carbon technologies in a real world demonstration project. This stream is closed.

Who can apply

  • Companies and entrepreneurs with innovative clean tech solutions
  • Publically assisted Ontario universities
  • Ontario Colleges of applied arts and technology


General requirements

The project must:

  • be done in Ontario
  • have the potential to help Ontario meet its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction goals as part of the Climate Change Action Plan
  • be completed within two years

You must:

  • be either a company incorporated in Ontario or Canada with a permanent establishment in Ontario or a publically assisted Ontario university or college of applied arts and technology
  • have funding commitments from sources other than the Government of Ontario at the time of business case submission
  • be able to commercialize the technology solution in Ontario
  • meet all other eligibility requirements identified in the program guidelines

How to apply

LCIF is closed for submissions.

Contact us

For further inquiries, please contact us.