Setting up a new agency

Ontario is creating an integrated public health care system by coordinating the work of existing provincial health agencies and programs.

One single health agency – Ontario Health – is preparing to oversee health care delivery, improve clinical guidance and provide support for providers to ensure better quality care for patients.

Once fully established, Ontario Health will:

  • build on the same standards of excellence and global recognition developed by many existing agencies across the health care system
  • improve clinical guidance and offer more effective support for providers
  • ensure health care dollars are used more efficiently by removing overlap in infrastructure and administration (for example, accounting, planning and human resources)
  • advance digital-first approaches to health care, such as virtual care, and improve integration and efficiency of digital assets across the health system

The transformation will take place over a number of years. It will continue to roll out in carefully planned phases to ensure patient care is not interrupted.

What has moved over

Most provincial organizations (in whole or in part) have already transitioned into Ontario Health. These organizations are:

  • Cancer Care Ontario
  • Health Quality Ontario
  • eHealth Ontario
  • Health Shared Services Ontario
  • HealthForceOntario Marketing and Recruitment Agency
  • Ontario Telemedicine Network
  • 14 Local Health Integration Networks (non-patient-care functions only); Patient care functions including home and community care and long-term care home placement services remain in place under a new name to reflect this focused mandate – Home and Community Care Support Services. There are no changes to how patients access services and no changes to their contacts or contact information
  • Trillium Gift of Life Network

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Agency duties and responsibilities

Once fully established, Ontario Health will integrate the following key responsibilities:

System management and performance

This will include:

  • overseeing the delivery of health care
  • improving the quality of care
  • measuring and managing how the system performs
  • enabling innovation
  • ensuring financial accountability
  • providing clinical leadership

Population-based programs and clinical and quality standards

This will include:

  • overseeing highly specialized care (for example, cancer, organ donation)
  • managing provincial population health programs (for example, cancer screening)
  • investigating and supporting new and emerging health services
  • developing evidence-based advice for delivering health services and clinical care

Back office support

This will include:

  • accountability for an integrated supply chain for health care products and services
  • shared information technology resources

System oversight

This will include:

  • assessing and planning for local needs
  • holding accountability for Ontario Health Teams in the future

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