Crossing the street

As a pedestrian, you can help keep the roads safe for everyone.

At pedestrian crossings

  • Cross only at marked pedestrian crosswalks or crossovers, not the middle of a block or between parked cars.
  • Cross only when the driver has fully stopped.
  • Hold your hand out in front of you indicating you are waiting to cross the road.
  • Make sure drivers see you before you cross, make eye contact before stepping onto the road.

At a traffic light

  • Cross when traffic has come to a complete stop.
  • Begin to cross at the start of the green light or “walk” signal, where it is present.
  • Don’t begin crossing if you see a flashing “do not walk” symbol or the light turns yellow.
  • If you already started to cross, complete your crossing in safety.
  • Never cross on a red light.
  • Watch for traffic turning at intersections or turning into and leaving driveways.

Where there is a pedestrian crossover, school crossing or location with a crossing guard, drivers and cyclists must wait for you to clear the road. Driver's will face penalties if they are charged with breaking the law.


If there is no sidewalk on a street, or if you use a wheelchair or scooter and the sidewalk you encounter is not wheelchair-accessible street, you should:

  • travel along the left shoulder of the road facing oncoming traffic
  • look for a way to get onto a sidewalk safely as soon as you can

Railway crossings

  • As you come to a railway crossing, listen and look both ways before crossing the tracks.
  • Never walk on the gravel roads or green space alongside railway crossings — it is dangerous and illegal.
  • Keep your distance as trains are wider than the tracks.

Wheelchairs and medical scooters

Wheelchairs and scooters are designed for people who have limited mobility because of a medical condition or injury. They are considered as pedestrians under the Highway Traffic Act.

Most municipalities have bylaws about where wheelchairs can and can't be used. Check with your local municipality to see if the bylaws allow your wheelchair or scooter to be used on sidewalks.