What it looks like

The pin cherry is a small tree, growing up to 12 metres in height and 25 centimetres in diameter. The fruit of the pin cherry is bright red and is 6 to 8 millimetres across, and it ripens from late July to early September. They are edible but very sour. In the spring, the pin cherry tree is covered in white blossoms about 5 millimetres long that grow in bunches. In nature, the seeds of the pin cherry can lie dormant in the ground for many decades, sprouting in great numbers after some kind of disturbance like a wind storm or fire removes the forest cover.

Where it is found

The pin cherry can be found across Ontario, except for the very far north. It needs bright sun to survive, so it usually grows in the open away from other trees that might create shade.

Planting Tips

  • Size: 12 metres high, trunk is 25 cm in diameter
  • Moisture: Can tolerate different moisture levels
  • Shade: Needs full sun
  • Soil: Grows in a variety of soils

Plant your pin cherry tree in full sun. Be sure that there aren't other trees close by that will shade it.

Did you know?

When the pin cherry tree grows in poor conditions, it doesn't get any bigger than a shrub.

Image credits

  • Tree: Nichole Ouellette
  • Leaf and fruit: Northern Exposure Gardening
  • Bark: Daniel Tigner, Canadian Forest Tree Essences
  • Flower: Eagle Lake Nurseries Ltd.