Condo Act review

The 3-stage public engagement process aimed to modernize the Condominium Act. Over an 18-month period, owners, developers, managers and other experts identified issues in condo communities and worked to develop long-term solutions.

Overall, the Condominium Act review generated over 200 recommendations. These included significant reforms to strengthen consumer protection and support the needs of condo owners. Ontario’s proposed new law includes the vast majority of recommendations received through this consultation process.

Advisory group

An advisory group of experts in the condominium sector helped the ministry understand the issues raised during the review, and advised on the process in general. This advisory group was not a decision-making body.

The advisory group:

  • gave feedback and advice on the review process
  • gave insight into the issues and recommendations raised
  • provided information about the project to interested parties

Members of the advisory group were selected for their expertise in issues faced by condominium buyers, residents and professionals.

They represented a range of interests and agreed to balance all interests when giving advice and recommendations.

Members were free to speak about the advisory group’s discussions and recommendations. However, to encourage open dialogue, particular viewpoints of individual members were kept confidential.

For summaries of the advisory group meetings, please email us.

Advisory Group Members

  1. Armand Conant
    Head, Condominium Law, Shibley Righton LLP and Past President of the Canadian Condominium Institute
  2. Diane Deans
    Condominium owner, councillor for Gloucester-Southgate Ward for the City of Ottawa and executive of the Social Housing  Services Corporation
  3. Harry Herskowitz
    Senior Real Estate Counsel and head of DelZotto, Zorzi LLP, Real Estate Department
  4. Brian Johnston
    Board of Directors, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and the Chief Operating Officer of Mattamy Homes
  5. Michael Lio
    Founder, Homeowner Protection Centre and Past Executive Director, Consumers Council of Canada
  6. Audrey Loeb
    Associate Counsel, Miller Thompson LLP, focused practice in conveyancing and condominium law, Professor Emeritus of Law at Ryerson University, School of Business Management
  7. Mark  Salerno
    Condominium owner and District Manager (GTA), Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, spearheaded successful sustainable and universal housing demos, including The Sustainable Condo
  8. Sandy Kilgour
    Retired condominium lawyer, special advisor to the Deputy Minister of Consumer Services for the Condominium Act Review

Consultation process

The public consultation was a 3-stage engagement process. Canada’s Public Policy Forum (PPF), a recognized leader in public engagement, led this process.

Stage 1

Stage 1 was completed in winter 2012. Five themes emerged from this process:

  • governance
  • dispute resolution
  • finances
  • consumer protection
  • condominium management

Read PPF’s findings report for Stage 1

Feedback was submitted at this stage in four ways:

1. Minister’s public information sessions

Condominium owners, residents, developers, property managers and other stakeholders shared their views at Minister’s public information sessions, held in Scarborough, London, Ottawa, Mississauga and Toronto, which more than 500 people attended.

For summaries of the information sessions, please email us.

2. Residents' panel

A residents' panel was recruited to learn more about condos, discuss issues, and propose solutions. The panel was made up of 36 randomly selected condo owners and residents from across Ontario. Membership included 30 resident-owners and 6 landlords or renters.

During stage 1 of the process, the panel participated in a roundtable with other condominium stakeholders.

Read the residents’ report

3. Stakeholder roundtables

PPF hosted four stakeholder roundtable sessions, each lasting a full day, to identify key challenges and find solutions.

Read more about the stakeholder roundtables

4. Submissions by email and mail

Individuals and groups sent more than 400 emails and letters, including about 180 formal submissions.

Read the submissions summary

Stage 2

Experts, including members of the residents’ panel, developed options and recommendations to address the issues identified in stage 1. This included how the existing act could be updated.

Working groups

Participants were divided into five working groups, each with a group lead. They each focused on one of the five issues raised in stage 1.

Expert panel

The working group leads, joined by condo resident representatives, formed an expert panel. This panel pulled together the working group proposals, public comments and the first findings report to create a single, unified set of recommendations to address the stage 1 findings.

Stage 2 was completed in summer 2013.

Read PPF’s solutions report

Stage 3

The residents’ panel from stage 1 reviewed and commented on the stage 2 solutions report.

The public had 45 days to provide feedback on the report and five public sessions were held across Ontario. They provided condo residents with a chance to discuss the recommendations from stage 2.

Stage 3 was completed in early 2014.

Read PPF’s feedback report