Ministry overview

Ministry’s vision

The Office of the Premier provides leadership to ministries and government to support people, families, businesses and workers across the province.

Ministry programs

The Office of the Premier coordinates and facilitates the government’s mandate and all programs that are integral to the successful implementation of government priorities.

Ministry programs and services provided include:

  • Executive Offices: Office of the Premier and Office of the Chief of Staff
  • Issues Management and Legislative Affairs: coordination of legislative affairs and Freedom of Information requests
  • Policy: policy advice and support, Legislative agenda planning, and Cabinet/Committee agenda planning
  • Communications: strategic communication services, media relations and other related services
  • Administration and Operations: public appointments, human resources and tour

COVID‑19 response

The government is focusing on rebuilding Ontario’s economy by making strategic infrastructure investments, providing more opportunities for workers, keeping costs down, and putting more money into the pockets of families and seniors so they can invest in themselves, their communities, and their families.

The government is building upon existing response measures by providing resources to:

  • invest in critical programs, supplies and services
  • strengthen supply chains to support local production of personal protective equipment and other vital medical supplies
  • ensure hospitals and the broader health care system have the workers and space needed to care for anyone who becomes ill, including investments in long-term care homes, home care and other supports for seniors
  • build ongoing and future resiliency in the health care system by expanding hospital infrastructure and medical education capacity, and investing in cutting-edge health technologies

2022–23 Strategic plan

The government will continue the rebuild of Ontario’s economy by working with partners and other levels of government to make strategic investments in key sectors, engage in infrastructure projects across the province, and build resiliency and self-reliance in the health care system, while keeping costs down for the people of Ontario. This will be accomplished through:

  • investing in the minerals and manufacturing sectors in an effort to make it easier and cheaper for business to operate in the province
  • Supporting key highway and public transit infrastructure expansion projects that will ease gridlock on existing road systems, cut commute times, and support rapid economic growth
  • increasing opportunities in skilled trades and expanding financial supports for training programs
  • providing additional tax relief for low-income earners and removing highway tolls
  • keeping the economy open amid the COVID‑19 pandemic by increasing resources for the health care system, strengthening vital supply chains, and investing in the production of personal protective equipment and vaccines within Ontario
Table 1: Ministry Planned Expenditures 2022–23 ($M)
COVID‑19 approvals0.0
Other operating2.4

Detailed financial information

The Office of the Premier personnel provide essential support to the Premier of Ontario in his roles as the head of the Executive Council and the Ontario Government.

Table 2: Combined Operating and Capital Summary by Vote
Vote/ProgramsEstimates 2022–23
Change from Estimates 2021–22
%Estimates 2021–22footnote 1
Interim Actuals
2021–22footnote 1
Actuals 2020–21footnote 1

Operating Expense

Office of the Premier2,326,800N/AN/A2,326,8002,326,8002,183,183
Less: Special WarrantsN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Total Operating Expense to be Voted2,326,800N/AN/A2,326,8002,326,8002,183,183
Special WarrantsN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Statutory Appropriations105,861N/AN/A105,861105,861109,091
Ministry Total Operating Expense2,432,661N/AN/A2,432,6612,432,6612,292,274
Consolidation Adjustment — General Real Estate PortfolioN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Total Including Consolidation and Other Adjustments$2,432,661N/AN/A$2,432,661$2,432,661$2,292,274

Capital Expense

Consolidation Adjustment — General Real Estate PortfolioN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Total Including Consolidation and Other AdjustmentsN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Ministry Total Operating and Capital Including Consolidation and Other Adjustments (not including Assets)2,432,661N/AN/A2,432,6612,432,6612,292,274

Historic Trend Table

Historic Trend Table
Historic Trend Analysis DataActuals 2019–20footnote 2
Actuals 2020–21footnote 2
Estimates 2021–22footnote 2
Estimates 2022–23
Ministry Total Operating and Capital Including Consolidation and Other Adjustments (not including Assets)2,424,8272,292,2742,432,6612,432,661
Percent change (%)N/A−560


Annual report

Key results achieved are documented and tracked across government in ministry specific plans.

Table 3: Ministry Interim Actual Expenditures 2021–22 ($M)footnote 3
COVID‑19 Approvals0.0
Other Operating2.4
Staff Strengthfootnote 4 (as of March 31, 2022)74