To get a school bus driver's licence (class B or E) in Ontario, you must complete a government-approved school bus driver improvement course (SBDIC). The course is offered online or in-person.

Find an approved course.

What you learn

Virtual or in-person classroom instruction

Minimum time commitment: 6.25 hours

Your course will cover topics such as:

  • legislative requirements
  • driver licensing requirements
  • daily vehicle inspection
  • hours of work
  • legal responsibilities
  • driver safety (including impaired driving, the effects of aging on driving, in-vehicle distractions)
  • defensive and strategic driving and road safety
  • passenger management (including communication, reporting issues)
  • safety equipment/emergencies (including first aid and evacuation)

Once you pass the course, you get a certificate that is valid for 5 years.

Find an approved course

When deciding where to take your course:

  • check the list of government-approved course providers
  • ask someone in the school bus industry to recommend a course provider
  • contact the provider to talk about their courses

Government-approved school bus course providers

File a complaint

To file a complaint with the Ministry of Transportation about a course or a provider, contact ETOTraining@ontario.ca. Please include your phone number with your contact information.