What showy mountain ash looks like

Size and shape

  • Up to 10 metres tall.


  • Grey-brown in colour.
  • Smooth when trees are young and becomes scaly as trees mature.


  • Blue-green leaves.
  • Have 13 to 17 leaflets (3 to 8 centimetres long).


  • Clusters of small white flowers bloom between May and July.


  • Bunches of shiny red berries (4 to 6 millimetres across) appear in August and September.
  • Berries often stay on the tree through the winter.

Where showy mountain ash is found

Showy mountain ash is found across almost all of Ontario, except for the southwestern tip of the province.

What you need to know to grow showy mountain ash

  • Moisture: tolerates different moisture levels.
  • Soil: can grow in a variety of soils, including rocky and poor soil.
  • Shade: tolerates some shade.

Benefits and uses of showy mountain ash

Wildlife benefits

  • Showy mountain ash berries are a food source for many birds and small mammals, especially during the winter when food is hard to find.

Commercial uses

  • Showy mountain ash trees are a popular landscaping choice due to their pretty flowers and bright, long-lasting berries.

Fun facts about showy mountain ash

  • Despite its name, showy mountain ash is not a true ash (Fraxinus) tree.