How it works

To receive a grant through the Entrepreneurship Learning Stream, your project must identify a challenge facing young entrepreneurs and provide a response that will:

  • help youth with entrepreneurship experience start or grow a business; or
  • help young entrepreneurs achieve higher levels of growth in an existing business; and
  • be available across the province.

Who is eligible to apply

Applications will be accepted from Individual organizations or groups of organizations.

Your organizations is eligible to apply, or represent a group, if it has been operating in Ontario for a minimum of 3 years (as of the application date).

Types of eligible organizations include:

  • not-for-profits
  • Indigenous bands
  • post-secondary institutions
  • municipalities
  • boards of education


Multi-year funding of $1.0-1.2 million per year, for up to three years, is available to the selected proposal.

The amount of a grant is based on:

  • the budget submitted by the applicant
  • an evaluation of the project
  • eligible cash expenditures

How to apply

Applications must be received by December 21, 2017

How and when you find out

You will get an email from us telling you if you are getting a grant or not within 60 days of the application deadline.