Our goal is for you to benefit from a high-quality child care system that is accessible, affordable, inclusive and sustainable.​

As we continue to roll out the CWELCC system we want to hear from families who:

  • have children are under age 6 and currently enrolled in child care programs
  • are waiting to access child care services 

We want to learn:

  • how specific child care initiatives have impacted your family
  • how you make decisions about child care
  • what you search for in a quality early learning and child care environment

About the agreement

In March 2022, we reached a 6-year, $13.2 billion agreement with the federal government to provide more accessible child care options and lower fees.

This Canada-wide Early Learning and Child Care (CWELCC) Agreement is helping us create a system that will deliver an average of $10 a day child care.

Licensed child care programs enrolled in this system receive funding and can offer lower fees. If your licensed child care provider is not enrolled, your fees are not reduced.

Our 5 key commitments under the agreement are:

  • lowering fees — using a phased approach
  • increasing access — creating 86,000 new licensed child care spaces by 2026
  • enhancing high-quality child care — by increasing wages and retention of child care staff
  • supporting inclusion — with more access for vulnerable and diverse communities
  • enhancing data and reporting — to evaluate and improve how the child care system supports children and families


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