Application intake: September 21 to October 9, 2020

These guidelines are for the targeted RED intake. Read carefully as the criteria is not the same as the regular RED program.

Note: all costs must be incurred on or before March 31, 2021.

Projects will not be extended beyond this date.

How it works

Ontario’s Rural Economic Development (RED) program provides cost-share funding which supports activities that create strong rural communities in Ontario and opens doors to rural economic development.

This targeted intake is for economic diversification and competitiveness projects only. Capital projects are not eligible.

Who is eligible

This targeted RED intake is for not-for-profit regional organizations or upper-tier municipalities with economic development projects that support multiple counties/regions/districts/Indigenous communities or the province.

Applicants must comply with all requirements of law.

Activity types

  • entrepreneurship or business succession
  • business retention and expansion
  • attraction and retention of workers, immigrants or youth
  • skills training and development
  • collaborative marketing and outreach
  • sector or value chain development

Funding amount

The maximum provincial cost-share for eligible costs is 70%, to a maximum of $75,000 per project.

Application process

To request the application form from the Agricultural Information Contact Centre, you can either:

We will determine whether your organization and project is eligible. If you are eligible, we will email you the application form.

We will notify all applicants as we reach funding decisions within approximately six weeks of the posted intake closure date.