About the protocol

This document outlines analytical methods and quality control protocols based on recognized standard-setting organizations such as:

  • Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP)
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)
  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

In order to obtain a Record of Site Condition (RSC) the described methods must be used. The protocol was updated in February 2021, to reflect recent regulatory amendments and to bring it up to date with current analytical advances and data reporting procedures.

As well this protocol document is referenced in Ontario Regulation 406/19 under the Environmental Protection Act (O. Reg. 406/19), titled “On-Site and Excess Soil Management” to support improved management of excess soil.


The purpose of this protocol is to ensure:

  • appropriate samples are submitted to laboratories
  • samples are analyzed with methods that are fit for purpose
  • data from laboratory analyses qualifies to complete a Record of Site Condition (RSC)

This protocol document is incorporated in the Ontario Regulation 153/04 Records of Site Condition – Part XV.1 of the Environmental Protection Act (O. Reg. 153/04).


This guide will assist in meeting regulatory obligations.