Well records

Well records are used to:

  • learn about the groundwater and geology of an area to best locate new wells
  • find existing wells
  • provide original construction information about existing wells

Complete and submit a well record

The person constructing the well must complete and submit a well record to the government, well purchaser and you, as the property owner, after that person:

  • constructs a new well for you
  • alters or repairs your existing well (unless it’s a minor alteration or pump installation)

In most cases, you, as a well owner, must complete and submit a well record to the government when you have an existing well properly abandoned (i.e., seal and plug it). Have a well contractor you hired to properly abandon your well to complete and submit the record on your behalf.

If you hired a well contractor to construct a well on your property, the contractor must provide you with a copy of the well record within 14 days of the well’s structural stage being completed. The contractor must also forward a well record to the government within 30 days after the well’s structural stage being completed.

The well record indicates:

  • how the well was constructed
  • its location
  • results of the pumping test
  • general information on water quality and the groundwater

Keep your well record in a safe place and make copies of it each time your well is serviced.

Where to submit a well record

Well records must be mailed to:

Wells Help Desk
Environmental Monitoring and Reporting Branch
Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks
125 Resources Road
Toronto ON M9P 3V6
1-888-396-WELL (9355)

Get a well record

The government has well record data from 1899 to present.

The geology, material properties and groundwater information contained in well records can be used in geotechnical and groundwater site investigations and for geologic and terrain studies.

Individual well records

To get individual well records:

  • Go to the interactive Well Record Map and click on the well of interest.
  • If you cannot find the well record using the interactive Well Record Map, please fill out this form and submit it to the ministry.

Well record data sets

To get well record data sets (for more than one property):

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