Park Management Plan Minor Amendment


Minor Park Management Plan Amendment for the expansion of electrical campsites at Wheatley Provincial Park.


Wheatley Provincial Park is a 241-hectare Recreation class park established by regulation under the Provincial Parks Act in 1971. Located about one kilometre east of the Village of Wheatley on the north shore of Lake Erie, the park offers a variety of recreational facilities including 210 campsites (53 electrical) and day use facilities. The Wheatley Provincial Park Management Plan was approved in 1988.

In order to meet projected revenue targets under the Wheatley Provincial Park Business Plan, the park is slated to upgrade an additional 35 campsites with hydro connections during the 1997/98 fiscal year.The proposed development would occur on existing campsites located within the development zone.The number of electrical sites may be expanded in future yeas as demand warrants, up to a maximum of 50 percent of the park’s total campsites.

A minor park management plan amendment is required to approve the proposed development. Public notification will consist of a notice posted on site 45 days in advance of the proposed development. All requirements under Exemption Order MNR-59/2, Environmental Assessment: Provincial Parks Program, will be met upon approval of the minor plan amendment. There will be no significant environmental impact; therefore, a proposal notice is not required to be posted on the Environmental Registry.

Ministry position

It is recommended that a minor amendment to the Wheatley Provincial Park Management Plan be approved to facilitate the expansion of electrical hook-ups onto 35 campsites during the 1997/98 fiscal year and, eventually, up to 50 percent of the park’s total campsites.

Prepared by:

Brian Huis, Park Planning Specialist
Southwestern Parks Zone, Ontario Parks
Tel: 519-661-2794

Date: June 10, 1997

Figure 1: Park Setting

This map provides detailed information about Park Setting.

Enlarge Figure 1: Park Setting

Figure 2: Existing Development

This map provides detailed information about Existing Development.

Enlarge Figure 2: Existing Development

Approval statement

I am pleased to approve the amendment to the Wheatley Provincial Park Management Plan as official policy for the management and development of this park. This minor amendment pertains to the expansion of electrical campsites in the park.

The amendment reflects this Ministry’s and Ontario Parks' intent to protect the cultural, natural and recreational features of Wheatley Provincial Park and maintain high quality opportunities for outdoor recreation and heritage appreciation for both residents of Ontario and visitors to the Province.

Signed by:
Norm Richards
Managing Director
Ontario Parks

Date: October 17, 1997