Ontario Investment and Trade Centre

Promote trade and investment: government, importers/exporters, international investors.

The Ontario Investment and Trade Centre is located in the heart of Toronto’s business district.

It is an architectural showcase that offers:

  • best-in-class meeting facilities for groups of 4-80
  • state-of-the-art technologies, including audio-visual, videoconferencing, teleconferencing, webinars and Skype
  • the finest event caterers

Who can use the centre's facilities

Meeting spaces at the Ontario Investment and Trade Centre are available by reservation to:

  • government departments involved in investment and trade
  • economic development corporations and associations
  • importers/exporters
  • international investors

Hours of operation

The Ontario Investment and Trade Centre is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm ET, Monday through Friday.


If you have questions, please contact us:

Ontario Investment and Trade Centre
35th Floor
250 Yonge St
PO Box 1
Toronto ON  M5B 2L7

Tel.: 416-313-3400 or 1-877-378-9393 (North America)
Fax: 416-313-3373

Email: please use the Contact Us form



Surrounded by windows and glass walls, the Galleria is open and light-filled, with fibre optic lighting and maple flooring. It is designed for receptions up to a maximum of 80 people, informal gatherings and media announcements.
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Seminar room

Ideal for lecture style presentations, this semicircular shaped room offers flexibility in room set up for accommodating participants.
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Main theatre

The Main Theatre can accommodate large groups. It has a built-in rear projection system with two large screens and provides easy access to electrical outlets for participants’ laptops.
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Multimedia boardroom

Able to accommodate 14 people comfortably, the Multimedia Room is ideal for video conferencing.
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Round table boardroom

Ideal for small groups of up to 8 people, the Round Table Boardroom has full multimedia capabilities.
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Executive boardroom

The Executive Boardroom, with seating for up to 10, offers full access to multimedia technologies within a more intimate space.
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Collaboration boardroom

Designed for larger groups of up to 40 people, the Collaboration Boardroom offers full multimedia presentation capabilities.
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International room

A private space for senior level discussions.
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This informal guest area includes 3 desktop workstations with web access.


Updated: August 10, 2015