What happens if I’ve let my driver’s licence expire?

If you have a full driver’s licence that has been expired, cancelled or suspended for:

When you visit ServiceOntario or a DriveTest Centre you will need to bring a form of personal identification with you.

Is your expired licence a Novice Licence?

Novice licences include G1, G2, M1, M2, M1-L and M2-L licences and in most cases, you cannot renew these licences if they expire. If your novice licence has expired you must reapply as a new driver and pass all the required tests (vision, written and road tests).

Approximately six months before your novice licence will expire; you will be mailed a notice of novice driver's licence. The notice will detail the level of licence you have achieved and what will happen if your novice licence expires.

If you took your G1, M1 or M1-L within a year before your licence was due to expire you may pay a $75 licensing fee at a at a DriveTest Centre to receive a G2, M2 or M2-L licence valid for five years but you must do this before your licence expires.

If your novice licence has been invalid for more than three years:

You must reapply to become a new driver at a DriveTest Centre and you must pass vision, written and road tests.

Updated: September 9, 2014