Renew your health card

You may be eligible to renew your health card and driver’s licence at once

$90 fee

Your new licence will arrive in the mail within 4 to 6 weeks

Valid for 5 years

You must renew your driver’s licence every 5 years


An Ontario driver’s licence is valid for 5 years. You must renew it every 5 years either online or at a ServiceOntario centre.

What you need to know before you renew

Online renewal eligibility

You can renew online if you:

  • have a full licence (G, M or GM class) that isn’t cancelled or suspended
  • have a combination class of G1M, G2M, GM1, or GM2 (only the full portion will be renewed online)
  • haven’t updated your address within the last 90 days
  • don’t need tests (vision, written, or road)
  • are not removing a vision condition
  • have no new medical conditions that may prevent you from driving
  • don’t have outstanding fines or penalties

Renew online

Renew with an account.
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To renew online, you need:

  • your driver’s licence number
  • the 7-digit trillium number found on the back of your driver’s licence
  • your postal code
  • your health card (if you are renewing it)

Renew your driver's licence and health card

You may be able to renew both your driver’s licence and Ontario photo health card if they expire at the same time and you don't need a photo.

Renew driver’s licence and health card

Renew your driver’s licence

Renew driver’s licence

If you’re not eligible to renew online, visit a ServiceOntario centre. You may be able to book an appointment ahead of your visit.

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Cost and delivery


The fee is $90 for a 5-year licence.

The fees may vary if:

  • the renewal period is not for a full 5 years, for example the expiry date on your driver’s licence is changing to match the expiry date on your health card
  • you are over 76 years of age

You can pay by VISA or Mastercard.


Your new driver’s licence card will arrive in the mail within 4 to 6 weeks.

Temporary driver's licence validation

When you renew online you will receive a temporary driver’s licence validation document if:

  • your driver’s licence has already expired
  • you renew online within 28 days of your current driver’s licence expiry date
You must download, print and keep the temporary validation document with your old licence until your new driver’s licence card arrives in the mail.

Visit a ServiceOntario centre if:

  • you are unable to download and print your temporary document
  • you lose or need to replace your temporary document
  • your new driver’s licence has not arrived and your temporary validation document is about to expire

If you recently moved

If you recently moved, you need to update your address with the Ontario government. You cannot renew your driver’s licence online within 90 days of changing your address. Instead, you must either:

Update your driver’s licence photo

You may need to take a new driver’s licence photo every 10 years.

You can also have your photo retaken, at any time, for $35.75.

Headwear worn for religious or medical reasons can be worn, but must not cover any part of your face. You may be asked to remove any head or face wear (for example, eyeglasses) when taking a photo for government-issued identification.

If you need a new photo, visit a ServiceOntario centre. Please bring:

  • your current driver’s licence
  • a personal identification document (verifying your name, date of birth and signature)

Signatures with "add-on statements" or illustrations will not be accepted. If your signature has not been accepted, you will need to correct your signature before you can receive your new driver’s licence.

The following types of statements are considered ‘add-ons’ and are not accepted:

  • “I hereby certify…”
  • “Without prejudice…”
  • “All rights reserved per…”
  • “Freeman on the Land”
  • “Sovereign Citizens”

The following examples of illustrations are not accepted:

  • ©
  • ®

A new driver’s licence will be mailed to you within 4 to 6 weeks.

Sex designation

Change from M to F or F to M

To change the sex designation on your driver’s licence from male (M) to female (F) or female (F) to male (M), go to a ServiceOntario centre near you and bring either:

  • an original, valid birth certificate (this includes birth certificate with parental information)
  • a certified copy of birth registration.

If you don’t have a birth certificate or certified copy of birth registration, you can order one online.

Learn more about what you need to change your sex designation.

Change to X

To change the sex designation on your driver’s licence to an X (gender neutral), visit a ServiceOntario centre. You do not have to bring any supporting documents.