Due to COVID-19, we have temporarily paused renewal sessions and waived vision testing and photo requirements until further notice. If you are a senior driver, you can now renew your driver’s licences online.

Renew your driver’s licence online

How to renew

Step 1: get a notice

Starting with your 80th birthday, you will get two things in the mail:

  • a renewal form
  • a letter that will let you know what to do to renew

This letter and form will arrive about 90 days before your licence expires.

Step 2: book an appointment

Once you get your form and letter in the mail, you will need to attend a renewal session.

To book the appointment, you will need to:

  • call 1-800-396-4233 (toll free) or 416-235-3579 (in Toronto)
  • give your driver’s licence number
  • tell us about any language barriers
  • tell us whether you require accommodations such as a sign-language interpreter

You will get the date, time and location of your renewal session. Sessions are held at 125 locations across the province.

If you can’t attend that day, you can re-schedule your appointment once. If the next appointment is only available after your driver’s licence expires, you can get a temporary permit.

If you will be out of Ontario when your licence expires:

You can renew your licence up to six months before it expires.

If you plan to be away in the 90 days before your licence expires, you can call to book your session early.

If you cannot attend a renewal session before your licence expires, you can get a one-time temporary driver’s licence permit. You will only get this permit once you have booked a renewal session.

Step 3: attend a renewal session

Total time commitment required: about 90 minutes

What to bring to a renewal session:

  • your driver’s licence (or temporary driver’s licence)
  • the licence renewal form you got in the mail
  • the eyeglasses you use for driving
  • hearing aids, if you need them
  • a bottle of water (some locations will not have water available)
  • snacks, if you need them (e.g., are diabetic or know you will need a snack)

At a renewal session, you will:

  • take a vision test
  • join others in a 45-minute interactive group education session about new traffic laws, how aging affects driving, tips for older drivers and road signs
  • complete an in-class screening exercise
  • undergo a driving record review

After the session, you may need to:

  • pass a road test before you can renew your licence
  • follow up with your physician and submit medical information

This will depend on how well you performed on the in-class screening components and a review of your driving record.

If you need to see a doctor, you will receive a letter in the mail with further instructions.

A driver improvement counsellor at the group education session will discuss these requirements with you if necessary.

Step 4: get a new licence card

After you finish the session and take the required tests, you will need to visit a ServiceOntario centre to get a new driver’s licence card.

You will need to bring:

  • your written test results
  • original identification that shows your legal name, date of birth and signature

ServiceOntario will process your test results and renew your licence.

Find a ServiceOntario centre near you

More information: renewal sessions

Due to COVID-19, we have temporarily paused renewal sessions and waived vision testing and photo requirements until further notice. If you are a senior driver, you can now renew your driver’s licences online.

About the vision test

  • a screen reader is used to test your vision
  • please wear the eyeglasses you use for driving
  • bring your most current glasses, if your prescription has been recently updated

If you have a certificate from an eye doctor: no vision test is needed at the session. You will need to bring a signed and dated certificate. The document must be signed/dated within 6 months of the session.

What if I don’t pass my vision test?

About the in-class screening

  • there are two parts to the exercise
  • you will have 5 minutes to finish each part for a total of 10 minutes
  • the exercise is not dependent on language and can't be taken orally
  • information will be available at Ontario.ca/seniordriver, including samples of the screening exercise you will complete
  • you don't need to prepare, but you can take the practice screening exercise to help you understand the instructions and feel comfortable with the exercises
  • the screening exercise consists of two assessments of a person’s cognitive capabilities relevant to driving. Each of the assessments taps into a different type of ability:
    • clock drawing: measures a driver’s capacity to recognize and organize information (visuospatial ability)
    • letter cancellation: measures a driver’s capacity to coordinate thinking with doing (psychomotor speed)

Drivers are always encouraged to refresh their knowledge of driving in general by reading the Driver’s Handbook

Preview the Drivers’ Handbook

Buy a copy online

Visit ServiceOntario Bay and College (Toronto) or a DriveTest centre

About the group education session

  • instructor: a trained driving counsellor leads the session
  • topics covered: driving tips for seniors, updates to traffic laws and rules
  • format: a quiet classroom setting, available in English or French
  • materials: senior driver education booklet covering tips and rules – available in advance online in 18 languages

Get a booklet