Summer jobs for students

Information for high school, university and college students looking for work this summer.

Need a job this summer?

The Ontario government — and its partners — offer many programs to help students find summer jobs. You need to apply for most programs. In some cases, the government can connect you to people who can help you with your job search.

The deadlines and what you need to apply depend on the program. Click on the link for each program for more detailed information.

Not a student?

Go to Ready.Set.Work. to learn about government job funds, programs and online tools available to help people under 30 build skills, find a job or start businesses all year round.

Get help finding a job

Summer Jobs Service

Get help with building your résumé and finding a summer job. Available in communities across Ontario.

Who is eligible: Students 15-30 years old who are planning to return to school in the fall.

Start your own business

Summer Company

Summer Company provides students with hands on business training, mentoring and awards of up to $3,000 to start and run their own summer businesses.

Who is eligible: Students: 15-29 years old, returning to school in the fall.

Work with the Ontario government

Stewardship Youth Ranger Program

If you were born in 1998, you could apply to be a Stewardship Youth Ranger and work on local natural resource management projects for 8 weeks this summer. 

Who is eligible: Students born in 1998 (16 or 17 at time of hire, but not turning 18 before December 31, 2015)

NOTE: Each team also requires a team lead, who may be any age and may or may not be a student.  

Summer Employment Opportunities

Through the Summer Employment Opportunities program, students are hired each year in a variety of summer positions across the Ontario Public Service, its related agencies and community groups.

Who is eligible: Students aged 15 or older

(Some positions require students to be 15 to 24 or up to 29 for persons with a disability due to program funding.)

Aboriginal students and youth

Aboriginal Youth Work Exchange Program

If you self-identify as Aboriginal you can apply for an 8-week summer job for up to 3 consecutive summers, offered through the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry in partnership with Aboriginal communities and organizations.

Who is eligible: Aboriginal students: 15-24 years old, and up to 29 years old if you have a disability.

First Nations Natural Resources Youth Employment Program

This program offers First Nations youth placement opportunities for up to two summers in Northern Ontario to work on forestry and mining projects, receive workplace training and take personal development workshops. Recruitment occurs during the spring, through Confederation College and in partnership with First Nations communities.

Who is eligible: First Nations youth (16-18 years old) 

Law students

Articling and Summer Law Student Programs

Law students can apply to work for the Ontario government — as either a summer law student or an articling student. If you are experienced with Aboriginal communities or have an interest in Aboriginal law, you can also apply to work specifically in this field as part of the Aboriginal Summer law program.

Who is eligible: The Summer Law Student Program is open to first and second year students enrolled in a law school. To be eligible for the articling program, candidates must have either completed law school at the start of the articling period or have received a certificate of qualification from the National Committee of Accreditation.

Updated: November 9, 2015