A controller of an agricultural operation at which soil samples are taken for the purpose of the Regulation shall ensure that the rules in this section are complied with.

2.1 Collection of Soil Samples

Soil samples must be collected in order to provide a small volume of soil for analysis that is representative of the whole volume of soil within the GNF application area. There are a number of different ways to comply with this requirement. This section describes the minimum sampling requirements.

To be representative of the GNF application area, the sample must be comprised of a number of sub-samples as explained below. The sub-samples must include the depth of soil that would normally be tilled which in most cases is approximately 15 centimeters (6 inches).

2.2 Number of Soil Sub-Samples for Analysis

Sub-samples must be collected to provide an accurate composite soil sample. The minimum required number of sub-samples for different sizes of GNF application areas are outlined below.

For a GNF application area of 5 or fewer hectares:

  • collect a minimum of twenty sub-samples.

For a GNF application area of more than 5 hectares:

  • collect at least two additional sub-samples for each additional hectare over 5 hectares to a maximum of 40 sub-samples.

All sub-samples must be mixed together thoroughly to produce the composite sample that is to be submitted for analysis.