Depending on your home community, the resources available can vary greatly. Simply doing an online search for sexual health and your area will result in various services.

Please note that these websites are provided for information purposes only, and do not endorse views of CPRI personnel. Also, please realize that information on any website can be changed at any time.

This website offers information on various service providers throughout South Western Ontario. By clicking on the ‘sexual health’ tab, you will be provided with various sections such as sexually transmitted infections, family planning and services for gay and lesbians.

This website is full of great information covering a wide spectrum of topics regarding sexuality. Information is divided into sections: teens, adults, parents, teachers, and health professionals. There is also a section titled ‘Clinic Locater’ under ‘External Resources’ in the parent section which identifies many services throughout Ontario.

Helpful Websites

Canadian Health Network

Under the heading ‘Sexuality/Reproductive Health’ there are articles about birth control, STI and sexual orientation, as well as others.

Middlesex-London Health Unit

Created and maintained by the Middlesex –London Health Unit, this site covers topics such as STI, relationships, birth control and FAQs.

This website is based on the Alberta Learning Curriculum for sexual health, and has sections for parents, teachers and students of all grade levels.


This site provides information on a wide variety of questions that a teen may ask. It is written in a very easy-to-read format.

Teen Health Website

Based in Nova Scotia, this site covers a wide variety of topics regarding sexual health.   Also, this site covers other health topics of importance to teens.